Paramaribo travel log

Paramaribo has been my first travel destination after having left French Guiana. No doubt, Paramaribo is is a charming beauty. Its downtown’s wooden houses, built by the Dutch during colonial times, are classified as UNESCO world heritage.


Having lived and worked in neighbouring French Guiana, I have come quite often to Paramaribo during the past 1,5 years. I also brought my parents here for new year’s celebrations 2013/2014, which is a big event and definitely worth a visit if you should be in the region.

In Paramaribo I stayed with a friend whose family is of Indian origin. Since his mom really loves to cook, I had the opportunity and joy to eat a lot of great vegetarian Indian-Surinamese food at his parents’ house. I also learned some recipes from his mom: we prepared our own roti (the Indian flat bread), different kind of vegetable dishes (fried green beans, cabbage-potato curry, etc.) as well as mango chutney (spicy!). Although I am not sure whether I will be able to copy the Roti recipe and preparation, I am sure to surprise some friends or family later with some of the vegetables dishes!

So, how did I spend my time in Paramaribo? Well, here are some of the activities I’ve done during my 2 weeks stay in Paramaribo.

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