List of socio-environmental organizations in Suriname

This is a list of the major environmental and sustainability organizations I have encountered (either personally or through internet research) in Suriname. I do not guarantee for completeness of the list! (Write me though if you have another organization or person to add!)

I hope this list could be useful for future volunteers/job seekers to find a suitable project and organization to work with, for researchers willing to do work in the region or any other person interested in the civil society and environmental activities in Suriname!



Active in

Type of organization


Green Heritage Fund
  • Dolphin and Sloth Protection
  • Education and Information
  • Culture and Community development
  • Environmental Impact Monitoring


Stichting Samarja 
  • Waste management, recycling
  • Awareness raising


Stichting Suwama 
  • Waste management, recycling
  • Awareness raising


Stichting SOS Education 
  • waste clean-up, recycling and reuse
  • children’s environmental education
  • community development



Suriname Conservation Foundation (SCF)  In cooperation with Conservation International working on:

  • Biodiversity
  • Environmental protection


Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname (STINASU)

Stinasu is in charge of the management and (eco-)tourism operations at nature park Brownsberg and Ralleighvallen


Pikin Sranan organic farm



organic farm for tea and herbs in Lelydorp


Eco-tourism in cooperation with Bonama Foundation. Projects on public health and support for the elderly in Maroon (Saamaka) villages in the interior.




Amazon Conservation Team (ACT)
  • Indigenous community development
  • Cultural conservation and education
  • Land use mapping
  • Sustainable Forest Management
  • Community Development


Active in the three Guyanas (Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana)

  • gold mining pollution abatement
  • sustainable fisheries
  • marine turtles conservation


Conservation International 
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate change
  • Deforestation & REDD+


United Nations
  • development aid and technical cooperation
  • ensuring respect for human rights
  • reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)



NIMOS (National Institute for Environment and Development in Suriname)  Institute set up to support the Ministry of Labour and the Environment (ATM) in:

  • national environmental legislation and regulation
  • monitoring of compliance



(Center for Agricultural Research in Suriname)


linked with the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (ADEK); active in various areas of Agriculture and Forestry


Foundation for Forest Management and Production Control (Stichting Bosbeheer en Bostoezicht, SBB) National Forest Authority under the responsibility Ministry of Natural Resources engaged in Sustainable Forest Management (Unlike the name suggests, SBB is not a real foundation)

Foundation for a clean Suriname (Stichting voor een Schoon Suriname, SvSS)




A NGO based in the Netherlands. According to their website they work on a multiple range of sustainable development issues. Not sure if they have any ongoing projects.   int’nl