This blog wants to:

  • INFORM DIFFERENTLY on the country we are traveling in: sightseeing is fun, but only shows you a limited perspective of the country’s reality. This blog will be a means TO LEARN about the socio-environmental issues (on energy, water, sanitation, local democracy, and many more) the country is facing.
  • Create an opportunity to MEET CHANGE MAKERS who are working on innovative, local and effective solutions to these socio-environmental problems in their respective countries and PROVIDE them A PLATFORM to present and spread their ideas and initiatives. Eventually, this can help them to obtain more (international) media attention and (financial or in-kind) resources.
  • CONNECT and NETWORK with other travelers who are traveling in the same region and share the interest and passion for the environment in each country that they are traveling in. This connection can be virtual through blog posting, but also physical: together we can meet these change makers and fill this blog with life!

Eventually this blog shall create a movement of environmental-conscious travelers that want to learn about local environmental issues and meet local change makers in the fields of energy, water, waste, agriculture and local production.

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What kind of ‘socio-environmental’ issues are we talking about?

Who is this blog for?

Who’s the author behind this blog?


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