A few introductory notes to the Eco-Travel Rally 2014 Blog

First of all, I have to confess that to start this blog has not been something easy to me. It is the first time I am writing a blog, so please be patient, but not less demanding on me!

One of the major questions I asked myself when I created this blog was which language I should write in: English, German, French or even Spanish (since I will be also traveling through Spanish-speaking countries later). Of course, I feel most comfortable to write in German or English, but for those following me from French Guiana, French would possibly the easiest to read my blog. Nevertheless, I strive  to target the largest audience possible, so I will probably write most of my blog entries in English. However, I am considering translating some of my blog entries in other languages than English, in case people would wish for.


Who is this blog for?

With this blog I wish to target (at least) the following groups of people:

  • Fellow travelers that have chosen the same route as me (Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Trinidad and Colombia) who wish to know more about the socio/environmental issues and projects in the countries they are visiting. You can also contribute to this blog by adding your own information and contacts of projects you have encountered on your way!
  • Potential (local and international) volunteers that would like to join/support the organizations, projects and people I present in this blog, for example, via a short- or long-term volunteering service or internship.
  • Professionals in the socio-environmental field that are looking for potential partner organizations in South America or need information about certain environmental issues in these countries.
  • Potential donors looking for local initiatives, organizations or social entrepreneurs they would like to support financially.
  • Media (local and international) who wish to report about socio-environmental issues, and foremost, that want to present positive (!) examples of local initiatives, grass-roots organizations or social entrepreneurs that bring about change in their local communities. (I am also planning to write some news articles on my encounters later on).

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